Charts Recap: October 22nd - October 28th, 2018

What do you expect for the last week of record buying pre-Halloween? Folks in Ballard are getting in the spooky spirit by spinning the new creepy soundtracks from Thom Yorke and John Carpenter! Our best seller for the week is the Suspiria reboot’s soundtrack by the Radiohead head. The original Suspiria soundtrack is one of the landmarks of classic horror synth, performed by Goblin. Thom definately took the inspiration and played up to the historic expcetations on this one. Give it a listen. (We’ve already shined a light on the new Halloween soundtrack on our blog.)

We’re stoked to have a few local LPs in the top-ten. Spirit Award played here last week, and the record is hot! (top-ten on vinyl and CD!) Join the Spirit Award cult and watch this video of the lead single from Muted Crowd, these guys probably won’t be our local secret forever. And Wild Powwers are playing here TONIGHT, and this LP is smoking to. Keep supporting local music y’all!

New at number one in the digital realm, Robyn’s return Honey is flying off the shelves this week! It’s been since 2010 since we’ve had new music from the Swedish pop sensation, and we know plenty of you were waiting for this one. This is high-class smart pop music, if you know Robyn you trust it. If you don’t, give it a listen!

Elsewhere, the Kinks masterpiece is back in print, make sure you end up with a copy of this one, Daughters have a powerful and bracing new record in both charts, and some store faves (Cat Power, Kurt Vile, and Phosphorescent) are hanging tough. Till next week!

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: