Staff Lists: Horror Vinyl

The chill of fall is here, and spooky season is right around the corner. With the approach of Halloween, we thought this might be a good time to focus on one of our favorite sub-species of record we’ve got on our shelves, and that’s the chilling sounds of horror-movie Soundtracks.

In the last few years we’ve seen a wealth of great and once very hard to find horror-movie soundtracks find their way back onto wax. Whether it’s due to the renewed interest in crisp vintage synth tones, or the fact that many labels producing these pieces have been going the extra mile making the packages supremely appealing, it’s undeniably a particularly activated collectors community right now. These LPs are perfect for setting the right mood for a Halloween event, or just creeping yourself out at your hi-fi. So here’s a few of our favorites on our shelves this season, with trailers to get you hyped for Halloween:

Halloween (2018) John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies

Well, this is out Friday, when we’re hosting a LISTENING PARTY with rad give-aways. Its a reboot of the classic that’s soundtracked by one of the masters of the form. John Carpenter is back at work with his usual 21st century collaborators. Expect the distinct themes of the original revisited. Mr. Carpenter latest work has not fallen off, and his hot streak continues here.

The Exorcist O.S.T. (Waxworks)

What an unforgettable headspace the sounds from this film create! The percussive bells are iconic. From 1973, this is from that era that elevated horror to art, and the sounds involved are not an exception. From the Waxworks label, which is certainly one of the highest-quality purveyors of soundtrack wax.

The Fly Howard Shore

From the eighties Cronenberg remake, and currently available on fog green vinyl. Here’s another soundtrack from a film that helped define an aesthetic. Both visually and sonically this one broke ground on the unsettling its audience. Uneasy synthesizers, naturally are the centerpiece here!

It Benjamin Wallfisch

This is from the 2017 remake, which as far as remakes go was pretty top notch. The story that cemented clowns as officially terrifying has a soundtrack that finds that edge between wonder and terror, in other words, it’s perfectly suited.

Hereditary Colin Stetson

Another modern day entry. One of our favorite contemporary experimental instrumentalists, Colin Stetson, has been given a chance to soundtrack a smart new horror film. (seriously though, check out Colin Stetson’s music) The results sound awesome. His experience with odd and unsettling sound pays off in these compositions.

Dawn Of The Dead Goblin

One of Romero’s classics is soundtracked by the Italian inventors of scary synth! Goblin emerged from the progressive music boom of 70s Italy, and went on to help create our concept of what the sounds of a scary movie should be. This movie is great, but the sounds stand on their own too!

Get Out! Michael Abels

One of the best scary movies of our era has a rad soundtrack too. Michael Abels soundtrack veers from tense and mysterious to overwhelming, a great listen in your sunken place, making it a worthy entry in this list, and another slab of sound that amplifies the terror of the film it accompanies.

Creepshow O.S.T. (Waxworks)

Another deluxe colored-vinyl Waxworks production, this one is top 80s horror-kitsch. But the sounds involved play all the proper homages. It marries those old-school scary-movie themes to the creeping 80s synth sound. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have being scared!