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Wussy Wussy
Free All Ages in-store
Friday, February 19 at 6PM
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The Cincinnati quintet’s upcoming sixth album, Forever Sounds (out March 4 via Shake It/ ThinkIndie) is their most challenging and densely textured to date. America’s best songwriting band might now be among its best soundscaping ones- SPIN

Check out the Spin feature link here!

Boom Around The World

Boom Around The World

Liam from Dublin in Kilkenny, Ireland

For years, we’ve quietly referred to ourselves as a “world renowned record shop.” Now we want to prove it and only you, the faithful customer, can help us do it. Send us a pictures of yourselves sporting our fashionable t-shirts in exotic locales. The pyramids! Atlantis! The Great Wall of China! Disney World! The polar ice caps! If you are somewhere exciting and wearing your Sonic Boom gear then we want to see it! We’ll feature pictures on our website in new “Boom Around the World” section along with some famous peeps flying the Sonic Boom flag. Internet-fame is only a photograph away!


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