Yes, we buy second-hand vinyl, CDs, and tapes.


Feel free to bring by what you’d like to sell any time we’re open, though we recommend calling ahead if you have large quantities (more than you can carry!) and avoiding the last hour we’re open. We give very fair offers, if you sell to us we want you to leave happy. And we always give an extra 25% if you take an offer of store-credit!!


Q: Will you come look at my collection at my home / office / storage-space?

A: Maybe! For large collections we are willing to travel anywhere in Seattle, and pretty much anywhere in western Washington, assuming it sounds worth our while (Good condition, interesting titles, etc.) and we’ve got the time and budget.  Please get in touch, e-mail: or phone: 206 297-2666

Q: Will you take everything in my collection if I bring it in?

A: It’s our policy to buy what we’re interested in and send you home with the rest. If you’re in the midst of a cleaning project and just need to get rid of EVERYTHING please get in touch first, once in a while we can come to some arrangement.

Q: What genres are you looking for?

where to sell vinyl

A: We deal in all genres, but are more interested in some than others. We love seeing good indie-rock, punk, metal, soul, jazz, rap and classic-rock. We don’t buy much easy-listening or classical, though do buy some. Again, please get in touch, we’re always happy to talk records.

ALSO:  These days we sell way more vinyl than any other formats, and our buying criteria & offers reflect this.

Q: What will you pay for my LPs / CDs?

A: We’ll never make an offer unseen, as so much of the appraisal of second-hand music has to do with condition. As far as averages, we don’t pay much for tapes, our average pay out per CD is between $1 and $2 these days, and offers for LPs cover a WIDE range. That said, we want to be as fair and transparent as possible when buying from you. We’ll show you what we’re offering per piece, and if we find an exceptionally valuable record in your collection we will let you know and offer accordingly. 

Q: Do you buy 78s / 8-tracks / DVDs / posters / books?

A: Nope, we try to stick to what we know, if you get in touch we might be able to recommend other buyers for various media we don’t deal in & exotic formats.

Q: I live way-far-away from Seattle, can you help?

A: We recommend looking up a local record seller, though if you think you’ve got something real special get in touch, there is an exception to every rule.