What's New: Outer Reaches

Strange sounds and sound-scapes from the avant-garde, here you'll find our picks from the fringes of the musical landscape. Synth witches and wizards, psychedelic explorers, modern composers, and oddities across the spectrum are all covered here.

Tim Hecker Konoyo

Included in the ranks of the cutting edge electronic artists working with the electric guitar at the birth of the 21st century, one could find Christian Fennesz, Oren Ambrchi, Sébastien Roux, and Canada's Tim Hecker. Of this quartet of "laptop guitarists" Hecker has probably taken process the farthest, embracing pure musique concrete and chamber ensemble composition in his sonic assemblies. Taking abstracted forms of the Japanese gagaku, "Konoyo" expands on territory first explored in 2013's "Virgins", creating a starkly austere sonic landscape riddled with muted, metallic forms. While not as assertive and dissonant as it's 2013 predecessor, "Konoyo" is an equally satisfying work of pure electro-acoustic soundscapes.  

Kikagaku Moyo Masana Temples

The music of Kikagaku Moyo, a contemporary psychedelic rock ensemble from Japan, is positively addictive. This is what rock music can be with adventurous minds at the helm. KM’s music is variously free-flowing, pastoral, raucous, and groovy. They pull from the traditions of psych-folk, Japanese freak-out, and straight up classic rock to various degrees but still have a voice unique to their work.

John Carpenter et al. Halloween (2018)

The reboot of an iconic film rarely gets the composer of it’s equally iconic soundscape back for a second round, but John Carpenter once again provides the score for 2018’s Halloween. You know what to expect from the horror master himself. Menacing synths, tension you can cut with a knife, and a mood of terror!

Yves Tumor Safe In The Hands Of Love

New from Warp records, Yves Tumor’s Safe In The Hands Of Love tips between beauty and menace, delicacy and chaos, it’s a record of juxtapositions. It’s beat driven, but there is all manner of genre thrown into this blender. This is an exciting new voice in the realms of avant-pop.

William Basinski & Lawrence English Selva Oscura

Selva Obscura is a meeting of master of modern minimalism William Basinski, with Australian conceptual composer Lawrence English. This is tempered but lush beautiful drone music. Absolutely spellbinding and very highly recommended to anyone in need of some sound to get totally lost within.