Wild Powwers: First, Last, and Favorite

Welcome back to 'First, Last, and Favorite,’ our recurring column where we get some of our favorite bands to reveal what music made them that way, by revealing some of the big records from their lives.

This round we get Wild Powwers talking up their musical journey. Wild Powwers are a local power-trio, and we mean real local, like right around the way Ballard local. They’re messing with some serious rocker influences, a little punk, a little heavy, a little psych, a little then, and a little now. But what really sets off the Wild Powers, is unlike a lot of bands working those sorts of angles that mumble or yelp their way through songs, singer Lara has some serious pipes. The vocals infuse these rockers with some real feeling and some real force. They’re latest LP Skin is out now, we strongly urge you to give it a spin. Also, they play here Monday!

All three Powwersers tossed us their picks for this column. We’ve got Lupe on drums, Jordan on bass, and singer/guitarist Lara all weighing in on what records make them tick. Check it out:


Lupe: Whitney Houston Whitney

My family didn't have a lot of music in the house growing up.  Thus I was left to my own devices to figure out what I liked.  "Whitney" by Whitney Houston fulfilled everything I needed in music as a young buck. I danced, I cried, I sung and screamed my heart out at the top of my lungs...and I STILL do when I hear this record. It's chock full of key changes for maximum get-your-rocks-off effect.  (Freaking EVERYONE has copied that shit since then too). I was devastated when she passed - truly such a one of a kind voice. 

Jordan: The Brothers Johnson Look Out For #1

I used to stare at my parents' record collection when I was a kid, with no way to listen to them as my folks had gotten rid of their turntable. This cover always caught my eye, and was one of the first records of theirs I threw on when we got another record player. So many jams on this album, and Louis Jonhson's bass grooves are still some of my all time favorites. DOPE

Lara: David Bowie Diamond Dogs

This is a hard one for me, because the music in our house was so all over the place, and it all impacted me differently. But I think the first record that really made an impact on me and the way i paid attention to music was Diamond Dogs, David Bowie. My mom had it in her fantastic record collection, and I used to stare at the album artwork. I loved David Bowie (still do), and slowly became obsessed with him. There was something so unique about how he changed from record to record, but maintained a signature sound. I remember thinking he was the coolest musician. Later down the road, when I was 16, my dad got me the music video collection on DVD and I think I watched it every day for months, and always played it on my tiny tv in the corner when i was going to sleep.


Lupe: Guided By Voices Mag Earwhig

Holy ballz I've been OBSESSED with Guided By Voices lately. It's actually scaring the shit out of me. I feel like I've been deprived my entire life, not spending the time to listen to them until now, and there's SO MUCH to listen to! It's real hard to pick a favorite album, but I'm currently way into Mag Earwhig! (Also Bee Thousand, also Robert Pollard's "Not in My Airforce"). I feel like there are only a few artists that I know of that can span musical genres flawlessly and are so musically prolific...you can tell they just live and breathe music and it's gonna come out whether anyone cares or not.  I have the utmost respect for that passion, determination and talent. I freaking LOVE this band.

Jojo: Jaylib Champion Sound

This was my most recent record purchase, and I had been hoping to find this one for a minute! I'm a big fan of both Madlib and J Dilla, and really just Stones Throw in general. Killer production, tons of great songs, this has been one of my go to records to put on when I'm cleaning or hanging around the house.

Jordan: Dilly Dally Heaven

I have gotten pretty stuck in a certain era of music lately. I need to branch out more, for sure. But once in a while a newer band gets so embedded in my head, and Dilly Dally is one of them. The new record they just came out with 'Heaven' is SO GOOD. I love it! I love them! I love the guitar lines, and the screaming, and all of it. Ive been listening to that on repeat since it came out. 


Lupe: Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street 

(Real close tie with Led Zeppelin III however). Exile is freaking amazing.  And it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood and gets me singing no matter how pissed I am.  The drums aren't even that spectacular, it's just freaking GREAT song writing! Every song is magic, and it's a double LP which is very hard to do well. Especially THAT well. It's timeless and perfect.

Jordan: The Cure Disintegration

I fell way in love with The Cure as a young punk boy after hearing ‘Boys Don't Cry,’ but the first time I heard Disintegration I was blown away. This record is just so lush and sprawling, I can't seem to get sick of it even after many years of listening. The drawn out intro on Pictures of You, the pulsing bass on Fascination Street, the swirling layers of guitars and synths on everything, dreamy and wonderful.

Lara: The Pretty Things Parachute

Oooh boy. I don't even know if I can pick a favorite. I have so many bands I love so much, and its really really hard for me to have to pick one. I am going to pick one thats been in my heavy rotation lately aside from Dilly Dally. And that is Pretty Things- Parachute. That band is so emotional and beautiful and rock and roll. I love them so much. This album in particular has a song on it that always makes me feel so many feelings, and thats 'Grass'. It is one of the most beautiful songs to me. It really captures some feelings I have definitely felt personally. 'She's a lover' is another one of those jams that I can easily get stuck in my head for days. That album is real cool.