Charts Recap: October 15th - October 21st, 2018

It’s Monday so we’re crunching the numbers, taking a look at what’s selling in our shop this past week. Let’s get into what’s being bought!

The covers record has become a rare thing, an album length tribute to your influences an well-loved tunes is great fun and all too infrequent. Ty Segall caries this torch though with our vinyl number one. Not his first cover’s record, on Fudge Sandwich he does his takes on War, The Spencer Davis Group, John Lennon, Funkadelic, The Dils, Neil Young, Gong, Amon Düül II, Rudimentary Peni, Grateful Dead, and Sparks! Could this be a more record-collector approved slate?

It’s late October so its quite appropriate to have John Carpenter’s score from the Halloween reboot in the charts. He’s revisiting those chilling classic themes to great effect with the cast of collaborators from his great late renaissance.

Also, in an odd aberration of coincidence, we’ve got Silver Jew’s 1998 masterpiece American Water at number 2! This record straight up rules, one of the great under-appreciated records of the late 90s. A ramshackle folk-rock redefinition of Americana that deserves to be on far more records shelves than it is. Good job customers!

Elsewhere, Kurt Vile tops the digital format, locals NAVVI and Spirit Award both crash into the charts, and plenty of y’all are saying goodbye to Minus The Bear by picking up their last EP. Here are the charts:

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: