Charts Recap: July 1st - 7th, 2019

The first week of July is through and there were some fireworks in our best-seller charts! After our initial batch of Black Keys LPs apparently got lost in the mail or something we’ve finally got a batch and the record shot straight to number one! Let’s Rock lives up to its name and its title’s simplicity gives away its aim. After a lengthy hiatus The Black Keys duo have re-emerged focused on what made them so appealing in the first place, a stripped back simplicity. Check out a track.

Our surprise move in this week’s rankings is our number four LP from Seattle’s own iconic duo Earth. Full Upon Her Burning Lips has been bubbling around in our charts for a few months now. This one is another return to essence. The music blog Pitchfork says on this one the band “pare away excess and focus on the seismic repetition”. That’s apt, check it out.

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