Best of 2019 So Far: Mike S.

With the year half done we thought we’d roll out some of our favorite records so far in 2019. Here are our professional tips on some of the best new records and reissues of the year so far. In Mike’s own words.


Pile Green & Gray READ MORE

“I'm a Pile guy from way back, and they don't disappoint on this one. Broad, angsty, and dynamic. If you know you know, if you don't, you should.”

Fluung Satellite Weather

“Local cats putting out some pure dang Rock and Roll. Satellite Weather sacrifices nothing in emotional depth when it sails from quiet acoustic rumination to screaming fuzz-driven riff heaven and back again. Truly an amazing album.”

Better Oblivion Community Center S/T READ MORE

“The Phoebe Bridgers/Conor Oberst collaboration was all I listened to for about a week straight. While I love them both individually, BOCC has a vibrance and energy that feels more refreshing then either's more recent outputs.”

James Blake Assume Form

“Atmospheric and intimate much like much of Blake's output up until this point, Assume form feels more self-aware and realized to me. I just really loved it, a rewarding listen through and through.”

Faye Webster Atlanta Millionaires Club

“I'll be honest, I've only listened to this a few times and don't even own it yet, but every time it's on I like it more and more. It's all over the place stylistically, I'm never quite sure where I am on the road map with it, but I dig that and it's only growing on me more with each spin.”