What's New: Heavy Department

Our loud favorites. In this column we cover Metal of all stripes, Punk, Hardcore, Stoner-Rock, Garage-psych ragers, Distortion worshippers, and any other odds-and-ends that might turn it to eleven.

Pig Destroyer Head Cage

Pig Destroyer has always been a grindcore band unconstrained by the strict formulas of genre. Head Cage is no exception, pulling bits of influence from straight-up noise music, to dabbling in some sick metal-core grooves. Throughout none of the usual viciousness is squandered, it's still totally speedy and devilish, just what you need from Pig Destroyer. Out Friday.

Sleep Leagues Beneath

Originally released as a digital single from the unlikely source of Adult Swim, we've finally got 12" vinyl copies of Leagues Beneath. The reemergence of Sleep has been excellent, and if you dug The Sciences this single will be an absolute treat. When this trio is on, you never want the track to end, and this one obliges with a 16+ minute run time of their classic stoney dirge.

Swans Soundtracks For The Blind

This was the last record from the band's initial run, and perhaps one of their best. It's a sprawling set, with bits and pieces doing everything that Swans did well, pummeling noise, atmospheric obfuscation, gothic folk, it's all in here. Now it's finally back in print as an expanded edition. 

Obscura Diluvium

Relentlessly technical and very very heavy, this German group has been honing their craft for years, making one of their best records to date with Diluvium. Everything here is put together so well it should have plenty of appeal even to those of you that don't usually dwell in the hyper-technical metal realms.

Thou Magus

Thou is back with another intense record of southern fried sludge. Their thick metallic wall of sound is intact, sustaining an ability to sound both terrifying and beautiful. The vocals are harrowing and the mood is dark. The intensity of Magus is unwavering, and is an exceptional addition to a fantastic catalog.