Staff Lists: Bumbershoot's Best Records

The fireworks are over and another Bumbershoot is in the books, winter in the Northwest slowly approaches. Though live music may rule the summer, it's approaching 'curl up and listen to a record' season. We're here to help! A music festival can be sensory overload with so much to see and hear, but we've kept track of our favorite records by artists you might have caught at Bumbershoot this year. Pick up any of these LPs and you can relive those summer thrills next to your hi-fi all fall and winter long.



This was one of our consensus favorite records of 2017, and probably one of the best R&B records of the decade. Easy choice. She was a headliner for a reason.


Wimps Garbage People


Local treasures Wimps put out one of the most quintessentially northwestern punk records of the year so far with Garbage People. Plenty of dry wit and humor with a straight forward, no nonsense sound make this record one to play all the time and shake off that everyday frustration. 

Donormaal Third Daughter


One of the most exciting voices to emerge from the Seattle hip-hop scene in quite some time. Third Daughter is a stellar record, and her first available in physical formats. It's personal and political, thoughtful and exciting, dark and hopeful, all in good measure. Get it before it's gone.

Rolling Blackouts CF Hope Downs


This Aussie group signed to Sub Pop and put out one of the most enjoyable indie-pop records we've heard in a little bit. They've got that Southern hemisphere magic, think The Clean, that Flying Nun Records spirit, and have made a brilliantly breezy melodic record that really stands up.

Moses Sumney Aromanticism


The Seattle Times called Moses's set the most underappreciated of the whole festival. If you missed it his record is amazing as well. He's got a bold striking voice and an innovative production style making Aromanticism a haunting and lovely piece of experimental pop.

SuperoRganism Superorganism


One of the more under the radar groups to land at Bumbershoot this year, though you shouldn't sleep on their self-titled debut. It's a shiny synthy wild record that rides the edge of hyper-active synth-pop and psychedelic neon indie-rock.

Rhye Blood


Very contemporary, well-produced, and smooth, here is an artist who's sound suits a long-playing vinyl listen. Somehow a dude from Canada sounds a little more like classic Sade then anything else going on in 2018.


Great Grandpa Plastic Cough


A favorite local record from the end of last year, Plastic Cough has a deadpan modern take on a whole grab-bag of 90s alt-rock influences. A little grungy sludge, a little math-rock twiddle, and a strong female lead lyricist make it a standout Seattle record. 

Kung Foo Grip 2KFG


This is another of our favorite local rap records to emerge from a new generation of young Seattle rappers. This duo is playing with some spacey productions and slick flows. It's one of those records nicely perched between old and new school, makes for a great listen.