Charts Recap: August 6th - August 12th, 2018

Jenn Champion performing at Sonic Boom Seattle

It's Jenn Champion week here at the Boom! Reigning at number one in both formats is her new full-length Single Rider. She's the Champion of our Charts! Also the Champion of our stage, she was kind enough to treat Ballard to a free Sunday afternoon performance this last week. (Thanks Jenn!!!) If you haven't heard Single Rider yet, we strongly recommend it.

Elsewhere in our vinyl top-ten we've got the long-overdue reissues of Gillian Welch's Soul Journey and the Swans Soundtracks For The Blind. It's astounding both these excellent records have managed not to be cut to vinyl until 2018. Let's hope more of our favorite CD only releases see their analog rebirths soon!

Pearl Jam is back in our top-ten. We're guessing there is a little extra good will going around after their recent home shows. And well deserved, the shows were fundraisers to fight homelessness here in Seattle, few rock bands attempt to do as much good with their platform.

In the CD charts, beyond Single Rider, we've got Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer. Perhaps Jenn Champion's hearty cosign in our First, Last, and Favorite column gave it a bump. It was strongly endorsed for sexy bath time. This was over all a great week for strong female artists selling CDs. Elsewhere we've got Neko, Florence, and Thunderpussy popping back into the top-ten after brief absences.

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