Jenn Champion: First, Last, and Favorite

Welcome to another edition of 'First, Last, and Favorite,' our column where we ask an artist to share three big records: a memorable FIRST listen, the LAST thing they heard that really shook them up, and a FAVORITE that will always and forever sound amazing. This edition Jenn Champion puts her own spin on our prompts.

Jenn has long been one of our finest songwriters in Seattle. Under her former guise as S, and Carissa's Wierd before that, she made some incredible heart-wrenching indie-rock records, but that was then. Now, as Jenn Champion, she has made Single Rider, a shimmering nocturnal synth-pop album. This electronic turn hasn't jettisoned her mastery of emotion though, this is a fine soundtrack for tears on the dancefloor. Give her new single a listen:

We're lucky enough here at Sonic Boom to host a free/all-ages performance featuring Jenn this Sunday the 12th! Let's get hyped by getting to know a little of the influence that went into the creation of Single Rider. And we all need some tips for soundtracking sexy bathing season, so let's get into Jenn Champion's first, last, and favorite records:


Slow Dance Risk It All

The first time I took a sexy bath with my future wife she put on this Slow Dance record. Hits from start to finish. This is a hi-energy electronic band from Seattle and great for dancing.


Janelle Monáe Dirty Computer

This was the last concert I went to and the album I put on the last time my wife and I took a sexy bath. Also, watch the movie “dirty computer” if you haven’t already.


Hole Live Through This

This is an always album, meaning it’s always good... Any time I hear one song off it I always want to hear the whole thing. Brilliant. Always brilliant. 


Photo: Cara Robbins