What's New: Heavy Department

Our loud favorites. In this column we cover Metal of all stripes, Punk, Hardcore, Stoner-Rock, Distortion worshippers, and any other odds-and-ends that might turn it to eleven.

Daughters You Won’t Get What You Want

The long dormant Daughters has e-emerged with easily their most ambitious and exciting record yet. They’ve got a unique blend of outright trippy noise-rock and modern hardcore that virtually no one else does this well. It’s especially bleak and eerie for a heavy record, be careful playing it in the dark.

Cult Leader A Patient Man

Exceptionally intense contemporary hardcore is what you get on A Patient Man, the new record from SLC’s Cult Leader. It almost reminiscent of how a band like Neurosis will use moments of quiet brooding intensity to reinforce the chaos and ferocity of the other extremes in their sound.

Evoken Hypnagogia

Evoken are one of the fore-runners to the funeral doom movement, and decades in they are still making great records. Expect giant riffs at a snails pace, deep growls, and an atmospheric quality that’s truly deserving of the doom moniker.

Metallica And Justice For All

One of the all-time best reissued.

Darkness imprisoning me

All that I see

Absolute horror

Devil Master Manifestations

If you’re looking for something heavy, punky, and speedy, look no further than Manifestations from Devil Master. This is one of those adrenaline shot records that any listening diet on the heavy spectrum needs now and again.