Best of 2018: Mike

It’s Mike’s turn to reveal his favorite records of the year! Mike is not only our owner and operator, he’s also our resident metal head, and a bit of a local music aficionado. So without further ado, here’s his picks:

Oh Sees Smote Reverser

So much guitar!! And that album cover.

Mommy Long Legs Try Your Best

You cant drop a record like this and break up. We need more. Please.

Tomb Mold Master Of Infinite Forms

Thick from start to finish. Riffs and riffs and riffs going every direction at once.

A.A.L 2012 - 2017

This is what I wanted from The Avalanches second record.

Pig Destroyer Head Cage

Fewer blasts than usual. A little more chunk chunk than usual. Still gives you a wonderful headache.

Spirit Award Muted Crowd

I love this. My wife loves this. First record we can enjoy at the same time in 10 years.

John Coltrane Both Directions At Once

Someone “lost” this?

The Internet Hive Mind

This made summer even more summery. This is a great record to play after you read the news.

Death Valley Girls Darkness Rains

Swagger record of the year. Their Facebook page lists their influences as “The Night Time”. Yep

Sleep The Sciences

Matt Pike for President.

Daughters You Wont Get What You Want

The eight year wait was worth it

Devil Master Manifestations

This is filthy stuff.  Scares me a little bit….

Sonic Boom 2018!