Charts Recap: September 10th thru the 16th, 2019

You may have noticed our weekly top-seller chart looking a little more streamlined this week. We, in our infinite wisdom, have begun tallying our best sellers by combining all format into one single list. That’s all CD, tape, and vinyl sales making for one revealing snapshot of what’s hot at the shop. Not that it matters to this week’s number-one, Bon Iver, who’d still have an iron grip on the top spot in all formats.


In the number two spot this week is the brand-new and very excellent (Sandy) Alex G LP House Of Sugar. (S)AG keeps getting better if you ask us, with his latest being perhaps his most realized and focused record too date. Still rich in feeling and sonic experimentation but with maybe just a touch more polish and craft. We’re happy to see his profile rising. Listen!

It’s also been a week of Stereolab fever at the shop as a new wave of high quality reissues of the group’s classic records have arrived on our shelves via the always quality Warp Records label. The run of three LPs from the 90s (Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Dots & Loops, Cobra & Phases) are arguably the group’s peak. It’s a great chance to revisit Stereolab’s unique fusion of mind expanding electronics & vintage sci-fi lounge soundscapes.