Sleepover Club: First, Last, and Favorite

First, Last, and Favorite is our column where we get to know some of our favorite artists through the records they love. Specifically a FIRST formative listening experience, the LAST thing they’ve been jamming, and an all-time FAVORTITE. The Everett rooted punk-rockers Sleepover Club star in our latest feature.

Sleepover Club will be playing here on the 22nd in celebration of the release of their new album W(PH)OOPSIE which is a 16 track ripper. It’s chock full of attitude and energy but has that weirdo twist that so many of our region’s best punk records have in their DNA. All three members split duties writing but the band’s vision is clear. Give a listen to advance track ‘Hate Dog’ now! If you’re busy for the instore you can also catch Sleepover Club at Palace Fest (at Pizza Palace) this Sunday the 18th, and September 13th at Werewolf Vacation.

All three members of the Sleepover Club, Katee, Sid, and Sierra, were kind enough to share their picks. Here they are in their own words:


Katee: Violent Femmes S/T

I literally cannot remember a time when I didn’t know every word to this entire album. It’s always been a favorite of my mom’s so it’s been a staple throughout my childhood and adult life alike. I got to see them in 2015 and Brian Ritchie still plays the xylophone like you wouldn’t believe.

Sid: Primus Sailing the Seas of Cheese

It was the first non-Weird Al album I remember listening to and actually like altering how i think about music. It was one of the few albums that both my parents really liked and talked up and so I borrowed it and listened to it a LOT and made a bunch of little animations to some of the songs. I still probably listen to it like once a month

Sierra: Grandaddy The Sophtware Slump

This record was one of my first departures from the 80’s & metal stuff my parents listened to when I was growing up (shout out to Rush, Geddy Lee is daddy). It was goofy and told weird and sometimes sad stories and used funny noises and voices and I hadn’t heard anything like that before!


Katee: Single Mothers Negative Qualities

Though this album came out in 2014 I only recently found it. Someone in a PUP Facebook group said that Single Mothers sounds like the product of PUP’s song Full Blown Meltdown sloughing off, becoming sentient, and starting it’s own band; in my opinion they hit the nail on the head. I love this album because it’s aggressive and screamy but the lyrics are almost juvenile. It feels like a bratty diary entry and the frontman, Drew Thompson, is pissed off about the same shit as me.

Sid: Cardiacs Songs for Ships and Irons

I just learned about them recently and its been blowing my mind, i love all the jarring changes and group vocals and weird keys. Overwhelming at all times, I love it!

Sierra: Jack Stauber’s Micropop

I’ve been a fan of Jack Stauber’s animated videos for the last couple years but the other day I discovered a whole compilation record of all these micropop songs and I can’t stop listening to it! Almost all the songs are tiny stories, 30 second doses of silly sounds and wacky, disorienting but always fun and catchy melodies!


Katee: Camp Cope How To Socialize & How to Make Friends

This was an incredibly tough choice to make but ultimately I feel like How To Socialize & Make Friends is an accurate representation of all that is important to me in an album. It’s got sick basslines and catchy melodies, layered under powerful vocals. The lyrics tell a story of being underestimated as non-male people in the music industry despite consistently proving that you’re more than capable. The track Face Of God is a first-hand retelling of being sexually assaulted but having the experience overlooked because the person is popular in the community.
This album came out at a time when I was dealing with similar themes in my life and it really made me feel like my feelings and experiences were valid. How To Socialize & Make Friends has a firm grasp on my lil heart.

(Honorable mention goes to Modern Baseball’s entire discography, of course.)

Sid: Lightning Bolt Hypermagic Mountain

This album changed everything about how I wanted to listen and make music, it's got big sound, wild drums, silly vocals, everything a dumb baby would ever want! Megaghost is a top tier song for me, i wish I could rip that hard.

Sierra: Shellshag Rumors in Disguise

I love this record so much and I listen to it probably at least once a week!! It’s got big feelings, big guitars, endearingly goofy vocals and really fun kinda bouncy drums! At one point i listened to it probably twice a day during my hour long daily bus commute right after a big breakup. It’s like a good buddy that ya never get tired of hanging out with.