Charts Recap: July 15th - 21st, 2019

We have a new number-one seller in our charts this week! Despite a strong second week from David Berman’s Purple Mountains, Thom Yorke’s latest solo record Anima was our runaway best-seller for the week. The record is accompanied by a new Netflix short film (see trailor) of the same name both of which continue Yorke’s career spanning delve into dystopic futurism through distinctly futuristic sounds. And Thom Yorke fever was so hot this week that In Rainbows popped back into our charts!

We’ve also finally received the expanded reissues of Brian Eno’s Apollo record probably not coincidentally with the recent Apollo anniversaries this week. (#8 & #9 in our respective charts) Originally a score for a film about those landings, we hear Eno here in expansive and spacious soundtracker mode. Unique in his catalog, this is a great moment to immerse yourselves in this one.

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