SadGirl: First, Last, and Favorite

First, Last, and Favorite is our column where we try to get to know some of our favorite bands through the records that they love. Today we get to know LA trio SadGirl.

SadGirl will be releasing their latest full-length Water this Friday the 14th on esteemed Seattle label Suicide Squeeze. They nail a beach ready Southern California vibe on Water, mixing a host of chic retro sounds with a very of the moment sensibility. Definitely lend this your ear for a laid-back take on 21st century surf-punk aesthetics. Here’s a taste:

Misha Lindes, the voice and mastermind behind SadGirl, was kind enough to share a little bit about the sounds that have informed his. You can really hear these in the groups DNA. Here are his picks in his own words:


Pulp Fiction O.S.T. & Freddy Got Fingered O.S.T.

I used to love buying movie soundtracks on CD as a kid from Tower Records and Sam Goody and shit and there are two that super shaped my adolescence and musical taste to this day: Freddy Got Fingered and Pulp Fiction. Freddy Got Fingered is an insane movie but the soundtrack is amazing, it had Iggy Pop, Gary Numan, Sex Pistols, Agent Orange, Dead Kennedys and a bunch of other awesome shit that I fell in love with.

Pulp Fiction obviously has some cllllassssic Surf and Soul music that completely resonated with me. The music from this movie is so cinematic and vibey. Even the soul ballad tracks somehow have a darkness to them. I love it. I probably will never not love the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, no matter how passé it might be.


Dick Stusso In Heaven

I've been listening to Dick Stusso's record " In Heaven" a lot recently. It's like the perfect combo of low fidelity country inspired pop songs with super personal lyrics. I sort of feel like musically he's a bit of a kindred spirit, he makes music that is both intimate and fantastic and also really straightforward some how. I dig it.


David Bowie Hunky Dory

"Hunky Dory" by Bowie is for sure one of my all time favorites if not my NUMBER ONE. I have such fond memories of listening to this record on cassette tape in my moms old Jeep Cherokee and singing along with my mom and sister. I love every single track on this record. Bowie has such an unmatched ability to paint a picture with his lyrics and music. It’s like looking at a painting with your ears. He is the best to ever do it, so creative and ambitious and still so pop and streamlined.