Charts Recap: May 27th - June 2nd, 2019

These are just The National’s charts and everybody else is just living in it. It had been three straight weeks with I Am Easy To Find atop our vinyl charts and it finally ascended to #1 in the CD charts too. Kudos! But we’ve talked plenty about that record. We’ll still leave you a link to the accompanying short film.

What else is going on then? Sebadoh is back! Long time store favorites are carrying the torch for the 90s on their latest LP, Act Surprised, popping up in both our charts on its second week in wide release. Anyone that has caught Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow with the re-emerged Dinosaur Jr know this guys rock-n-roll energy isn’t quite spent yet. This new LP might be their most rollicking since Bakesale. Give it a preview.

Also the Orville Peck record Pony has been haunting our charts for weeks now. The masked mystery man is making some mysterious country music that wouldn’t sound out of place in a David Lynch film. Get to know a little more about the artist in the recent rare interview for none other than Billboard magazine.

Vinyl Top-Ten


CD Top-Ten