Charts Recap: June 10th - 16th, 2019

What a turbulent week atop our best-seller charts! Our vinyl top-ten is 100% fresh. But this week was all about Bill and Bruce where Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest and Western Stars were far and away the best-sellers. Let’s get into them.

S.I.A.S.V. is Bill Callahan’s fifth since dropping the Smog moniker. It also find’s him a touch more gentle and reflective, drawing inspiration on this one from the fresh journey of fatherhood. It’s also one of his most generous and sprawling records, a proper double record clocking in at over an hour. With dispatches of new music so few and far between we’ll take it!

Bruce Springsteen’s latest is also a bit of a change up. He’s exploring a little more of a lonesome western sound on this one, but it is still 100% a Bruce Sprinsteen record, and the countrypolitan dabbling actually really suites his songwriting. Give the title track a listen for proof.

Shout outs to Julia Shapiro (who played here and told us about some favorite records last week), Baroness, and Shellac for strong chart placements this week too! Here’s how it all landed:

Vinyl Top-Ten


CD Top-Ten