Staff Picks: Aries - Juramento Mantarraya

For fans of: Fun experimental pop packed with wild sounds.

What they're saying: From the revealing Bandcamp interview with Eli Enis:

Juramento Mantarraya is teeming with life, but all of the instrumental tones are artificially constructed by Reviriego and her co-producer Jose Vazquez. “It took me a really, really long time to design the sounds,” she says. “Because I wanted abstract sounds mixed with little orchestral sounds—violins, flutes. I was listening a lot to Alice Coltrane and I wanted it to be very—it sounds a little bit cheesy, but—spiritual.”

What we say: Spain's own Aries' latest effort Juramento Matarraya is my new essential summertime pop album. Get perfect soundtrack for getting lost on your summer adventures. -KR