Charts Recap: May 20th - 26th, 2019

It’s been another wild week atop our charts with the top-tens wildly shuffled from last week. Though the top spots are occupied by familiar names (The National for the second week running and Vampire Weekend who’s been there before), a lot of last week’s stellar new releases are hot on their tracks.

At number four in both charts is High Pulp, our local best-seller for the week. High Pulp’s debut record Bad Juice is energized and eclectic funk cooked up in a North Seattle basement. We were lucky enough to host one of their vital live performances right here in the shop last week helping propel this promising debut up the charts. If you haven’t heard them yet, we recommend you get on it, and definitely catch them live if you can.

The latest Flying Lotus dispatch also had a strong week at the shop. Flamagra is a minor departure from past works, perhaps more focused, more mature. NME’s glowing review calls it “an exhilarating journey that unites both calm and chaos”. Check it out, this track rules:

Vinyl Top-Ten


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