Low Hums: First, Last, and Favorite

Welcome to another edition of First, Last, and Favorite; our column where we get to pick the brains of the artists we’re spinning and find out a little out about their listening habits. This edition features Low Hums.

Low Hums are a long running Seattle outfit with a list of influences that would make a record-collector drool, making them an excellent group of folks to talk records with. Their sound ranges over a wide range of possible rock n roll, form a Stooges-esque balance of skronk and strut, to outright cosmic twang. Lots of ground covered between too! Their latest Los Dos is on our shelves now (and don’t miss Night Magic Wine which is still in-stock). Give it a taste:

Jonas Haskins (guitar / vocals), Mike Bayer (drums / vocals), and Miles Panto (Guitar) were each kind enough to let us know a little about their FIRST, LAST, and FAVORITE records:


Jonas Jackson Browne Running On Empty

Ok … very first record i ever loved and asked for on my own was a dubbed cassette copy of Jackson Browne's ‘Running on Empty’. I was really young , perhaps 6 or 8 i don’t remember exactly. As a little kid I went to work in the summertime with my Dad who owned a construction company. Jackson Browne's ‘Running on Empty’ was one of a couple tapes that his crew played on rotation ..  I loved the singing, and vocals, and a sound that i would much later discover was a lap steel guitar. I asked the dude whos tape it was if i could have a copy and so he dubbed one .. ( minus the song ‘Cocaine’ .. i don’t remember that one from then ). I completely forgot about this memory until as a adult i ended up with a used LP copy of ‘Running on Empty’ and then it I remembered!  Listening to it now think of the smells of sawdust and summertime.

Mike Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I Love Rock & Roll

The first album I remember specifically asking for was in 1982. I was 7 years old and my mom was away at a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. I went for a visit on Christmas eve and she had wrapped three cassette tapes for me, two of which I could have cared less about but one was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts "I love rock and roll". I played the absolute $h!t out of that tape. During the spring of '81 I remember going to a picnic with my mom at Lake Samammish, walking around with a boom box blasting the song "I love rock and roll" on repeat. The song would finish and I would rewind it over and over again. I played it so much that some complete strangers actually asked me if I would stop playing that song. I found a nice spot under a tree just out of earshot and continued to jam out.

Miles Neil Diamond Jonathan Livingston Seagull OST

The first album I ever owned was the soundtrack to Johnathan Livingston Seagull by Neal Diamond. Weird one, I know, but I loved it.

I sorta remember the movie, but the album was something more in my young mind.


Jonas It’s All Meat It’s All Meat

I’ve been listening to a band called “It’s all Meat” I have a comp record and they had a song “Feel It” on it that I really loved, so i looked them up.

They were from Canada and released a Lp also called and the record is also called “It’s all Meat”   on Columbia in 1970. .. sounds kinda early stones / New York Dolls like swagger, with super cool organ and guitar solo breaks. Dig it!  

Mike Weyes Blood Titanic Rising

Currently I've been kind of obsessing over the recent releases from Weyes Blood. The full album, "titanic rising" as of March 26th isn't available but I'm pretty into it. It's funny because the first time I heard anything from her I wasn't interested in her music. I just thought it was some ironic soft core yacht rock but I'm nearly as obsessed with the song "everyday" as I was with "I love rock and roll". Just bought tickets to see her perform at the Tractor in April! Mark Guiliana has released a couple of singles from his album "Beat Music" which are incredible! Super groovy futuristic jams. I am still obsessed with Frank Ocean's "Blonde". I can't wait for more music from him!

Miles Lost Dog Street Band Rage & Tragedy

Currently I’ve been obsessed with the latest album by Lost Dog Street Band.

I just can’t get enough of it. His song writing is right up there with Townes, and I love the simple purity of it.


Jonas Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love

My mom had a drawer of LP’s from the 60’s from when she was in College at UC Berkeley during the late 60’s. I would dig into that drawer and play the records..  The one that really grabbed me was Axis. It was the most far out thing i’d ever seen or heard.. That gatefold cover? WOW.  Mom had seen Jimi play in SF several times and so I listened to the records and asked a lot of questions about this and that and heard about this ‘woodstock’ gathering that happened way back then. I still have her original copy in my record collection. Don’t think i could ever tire of listening to it. I love all the sounds on the record, the stereo panning, feedback, backwards guitar,  sci-fi and outer space themes. The way the lyrics paint crazy pictures but are actually about the common things like, for example “Spanish Castle Magic” was a club in the Seattle area .. which is a awesome reference! , Traveling by dragonfly .. which is a reference to a car they rode around in… Or “ Castles Made of Sand” tells stories about his about his folks and brother.. It’s one of those records i can put on and love every minute and still learn from.

Mike Marvin Gaye What’s Going On

Favorite of all time isn't super hard for me. It comes from my mom's collection of music and it hits all the buttons for me. Marvin Gaye's 1971 album "What's Going On" is beautiful from start to finish. It is still fresh in its content and style. I don't really hear people talking like that in music anymore. It kinda bums me out that we don't hear that kind of protest and emotional outpouring in popular music so much anymore. Damn I wish I could sing like that man! The song "right on" is probably my favorite track. The flute intro gives me chills and when the drums kick in I can't help but move my skinny white ass. The lyrics are life affirming and soulful as only Marvin Gaye could deliver.


All time favorite...now that’s just something I don’t think I can answer.

There’s some live Dead moments that stand out, as well as some Clash, Stones...Beethoven...Liz Phair. I could go on and on.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a favorite album or artist...or color or flavor or place to be.

Gotta keep moving!