Staff Picks: Indian Summer - Giving Birth To Thunder

For fans of: Proto-Emo / Real 90s underground

What they're saying: Pitchfork recently blessed this release as a Best New Reissue and nicely lays out the history of the group, describing their sound as both serious, meditative, and “shaped by crushing poverty and omnidirectional anger”. Musician Fred Thomas also reviews the record at, correctly pointing out that Indian Summer “perfectly conveyed a complex mesh of longing, restlessness, and catharsis that encapsulated the turbulent spirit of emo's second wave.”

What we say: Everything on this anthology is long out-of-print and impossibly scarce, and the songs of Indian Summer stand as some of the purest relics of the heyday of the deep emo/DIY underground of the 1990s. (which is ripe to be revisited) The sounds are very raw, Giving Birth To Thunder makes Cap’n Jazz sound like Dream Theater. Also, the package itself from Numero is excellent as always, preserving plenty of the ephemera and aesthetics of the time.

Further Listening: What the heck is emo anyway?