Staff Picks: Tyler The Creator - Igor

For fans of: Genre-bending idiosyncratic hip-hop/R&B heavy on the synths.

What they're saying: Christopher Thiessen’s review at Consequence of Sound heaps praise on the meticulous and artful production throughout. A review at Rolling Stone focuses on Tyler’s growth as both producer and artiste: “Across IGOR, he achieves a happy balance by tempering his wonky song structures bordering on the surreal and dogged pursuit of synthgasms with a clear narrative arc and careful calculated swerves in tone and texture.”

What we say: It is stunning how far the maturation of Tyler The Creator has advanced, from blog rap to Grammy conversations. Igor is a carefully put together record with a lot of range and plenty of detours, at times sensitive, at times exotic, and always sounding excellent. Its miles away from Tyler’s roots a lo-fi shock rapper, without abandoning the outsider vibe that has always been his charm.