Charts Recap: January 21st - 27th, 2019

Another week has come and gone and we’ve sold a few more records! New number ones this week as the analog edition of Earl Sweatshirt’s Some Rap Songs is at the top of the vinyl charts and Deerhunter is at number one in CDs. (Number 2 in vinyl too!)

Earl Sweatshirt is pretty much totally unique in his field, and has evolved and shifted immensely in a fairly young career. He’s one of the few rappers moving away from accessibility while operating at a high level. Some Rap Songs is evasive and enigmatic, sonically challenging weirdo rap in an era of gloss. To my ears this is a record that, dare I say, shares a vibe with a lot of the outsider lo-fi indie-rock of the 90s, clever music for the anti-social.

A new Deerhunter record record is always eagerly awaited at the record store. Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? is both classic Deerhunter and a step forward. For what it’s worth, Bradford Cox claims he’s been listening to a bunch of harpsichord music. Check out the new stuff.

Elsewhere we have Idles, William Tyler, and Swervedriver debuting in our charts. Let’s focus in on our number four LP of the week, Lambchop member William Tyler’s Goes West. William Tyler does guitar excursions with masterfully played instrumentals often sparingly accompanied. Great stuff, highly recommended.

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: