Charts Recap: January 14th - 20th, 2019

This is the time of year that the music-industry really ups its game, with the holiday break in the rear view mirror the new-releases really start to flow. As such we’ve got a lot of new faces in our top seller lists!

Number one in BOTH CHARTS is the brand new record from long time store favorite Sharon Van Etten! This new record, Remind Me Tomorrow, really shows an artist tapping into another level. Sharon’s broadening her sound and sharpening her songwriting here. If you haven’t seen this live TV performance of ‘Seventeen’ yet we recommend it for getting hyped on this record!

We also have a wild new collaboration record not all of us saw coming hanging in both charts. Malibu Ken by Aesop Rock and Tobacco is two great tastes that taste great together! We’ve been fans of both Tobacco’s loopy psycho synth play and Aesop’s wordy raps for years, this set highlights the best in both. More records like this please!

Down at number ten in both charts is the subtle but excellent Steve Gunn. A real musician’s musician, he’s been making stately folk-rock with psyched-up edges for most the decade now, and there aren’t many guitarists as focused in their craft working nowadays. His 4th full-length is another fine LP, and a delightful listen.

I’m sure we’ll get a chance in some future charts to get into some of the other great new records below:

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: