Charts Recap: September 17th - September 23rd, 2018

Whew! A couple surprise number ones on our charts this week! The second full-length from Jungle is number one in the vinyl department, and the viscous Year Of The Snitch full-length from Death Grips is our number one CD! Though the Jungle record is pretty right-on for the the start of autumn on the west coast. Ironically the Death Grips CD had a burst of sales on the digital format the first week we had the vinyl edition available!

There is also the lost Prince sessions Piano & A Microphone 1983, which just arrived and is of course here on our charts. True to the title it is just the man himself at the piano in the midst of his recording prime. It’s something his fans need to hear.

We get a little thrill everytime records from the bizarre side cross over into our top-seller charts, we are record nerds after all. This week we get two! We’ve got Love In Shadow by NW metal/noise-rock hyrid supergroup Sumac, and another masterful ambient excursion from shop favorite Tim Hecker, with Konoyo (Kranky). I’ll embed both for those unfamiliar.

Low, Aphex Twin, and Death Cab For Cutie are all hanging in there too, after being on the shelves for a little bit.

All-in-all we’ve got some pretty exotic and sonically diverse titles in the charts this week, and we are just fine with that! Here you go:

Vinyl Top-10:


CD Top-10: