Charts Recap: August 13th - 19th, 2018

It is no surprise that a new Death Cab For Cutie record shoots straight to the top of our best-seller charts! Thank You For Today, which just came out Friday, is sitting pretty at the top of both the CD and vinyl charts on it's first week. They're like the home-town team, Gibbard and company are quite well represented amongst our all-time best sellers. Here's their newest video, we might relate a little to a verse about remembering the good old days "outside our bar near the record store" replaced by construction sites.

Oh, did you know Sub Pop turned 30? Apparently so! The charts are LOADED with Sub Pop releases this go around, 6 titles, 9 if we feel like counting sister label Hardly Art. Father John stormed back into both top-tens. Beach House is back. Sonic Boom shoppers were looking for that iconic label on the back of their records all week.

Also a strong debut week for the OhSees. Smote Reverser is a monster of a record, showing the band leaning on some heavy 70s sounds this go around. They always keep it interesting, tweaking their formula. Listen if you haven't.


Vinyl charts:


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