Charts Recap: July 16th - July 22nd

Lots of action in the charts this week!! We've got all sorts of Seattle records popping up in our top-tens, which is exciting. In fact we've got a local #1 and #2 on the vinyl charts. First off, a big THANK YOU to Wimps for playing here last Thursday! Now Garbage People is the number-one record in Ballard. Not familiar with the group? We posted a great getting-to-know-the-band piece on our blog a few weeks back, tracing their evolution from young punks to, um, old punks.

Jenn Champion, f.k.a. S, ex-voice of Northwestern treasures Carissa's Wierd, coming in strong at #2. Her new record is a new direction, and a ton of fun. If you haven't seen this video for the lead track yet, we recommend it. 

Elsewhere we've got strong debuts by The Internet, The new Ty Segall & White Fence collaboration, and local heavies Sandrider! Once again, great taste y'all.

The CD charts have the #1 and #2 records unchanged but swapping spots. But what's this a little further down? It's a slew of rap CDs! (Editor's Note: CD is the correct format for a strong rap collection.) Drake, Kanye, and The Carters (Bey & Jay) are all in there. Maybe you like following all the rap drama, if so this is the perfect opportunity to recommend this hot take on the secret simmering Kanye/Drake feud from rapper turned podcaster Joe Budden.

Full top-tens below:

Vinyl charts:


CD charts: