What's New: Beats Department

Our column devoted to the beat-makers and rhyme-sayers, as well as producers and dance-floor innovators. Check in for our picks in everything from classic hip-hop to futurist R&B, minimal-techno back through crate-digger beat tapes, cutting edge synth-pop all the way to trap-music. 

Eric B & Rakim Paid In Full

One of the true masterpieces of rap's golden-era is finally available on wax again. Originally released in 1987, this was a game changer, one that inspired a generation  of superstars to come. This arrived with a whole series of Eric B & Rakim reissues, all of which are worth your time, but for the uninitiated, start here.

Sudan Archives Sink EP

Violinist/Singer Sudan Archives just released a project perfect for summertime vibes. This is breezy confident neo-soul that's instantly enjoyable but with a lot of sonic detail to enjoy on repeat listens. The way she sprinkles African folk influences in next to laid-back modern hip-hop is definitely worth hearing.

Arp zebra

Up to Zebra, Alexis Georgopoulos of Arp had already given us a handful of records filled with excellent kosmische synth excercises and ambient excursions. But with this one we're presented with something far more rhythmic and layered, more melodic and collaborative. It's full of sunset vibes and gorgeous sounds, an excellent, engaging instrumental journey.

RP Boo I’ll Tell You What

The welcome return of the veteran footwork producer, still sounding super fresh, and still evolving. For those unfamiliar, footwork is a Chicago born spur of electronic-music full of manic skittering beats and wildly chopped samples. It's a deep well and this is an excellent example of the thing done right.

Mndsgn Snax

Snax is another great beats record from LA producer Mndsgn. It's got that classic crate-digger vintage feel, hitting on some of those same spots classic 90's hip-hop producers mined. XLR8R says "Ancheta's music tastefully blends together R&B, soul jazz, and boogie aesthetics." Seems accurate to us!