The "lost" John Coltrane recording will finally be released on June 29

Coltrane Standard cover (003).jpg

It's a rare thing that a "lost" album by such a legendary artist, from one of their most game-changing and prolific eras, resurfaces years after its genesis. Later this month sees the release of such an album by the titan of American bebop, hardbop, and free-jazz, the one and only John Coltrane. Two years before his explosive venture out of melodic modal jazz with “A Love Supreme", Coltrane recorded "Both Directions at Once” with the members of his so-called classic quartet; bassist Jimmy Garrison, drummer Elvin Jones and pianist McCoy Tyner. Last week's excellent New York Times piece came on the heels of Impulse! Records announcing the June 29th release of a full set of material recorded by the quartet in March, 1963. Coltrane's personal copy of the recording was then stashed away and lost, only recently unearthed by Juanita Naima Coltrane. Needless to say, we've got SUPREME anticipation for this one! 

The New York Times article by Giovanni Russonello detailing the records journey to release can be found here. Released June 29th in standard and expanded versions on both CD and LP format.  Here is a sneak peek at the expanded versions:

JC_Packshot_Deluxe LP.jpg
JC_Packshot_CD_Deluxe copy.jpg