"Not Doing Things Is Soul Destroying": Interviews with My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields


With a new My Bloody Valentine album in the works, a summer US tour announced, and STG bringing the show to Seattle's The Paramount in July, we thought it would be a good time to return to some of the great Kevin Shields interviews of recent years. First of all Shields admission to The Quietus that, "Not Doing Things Is Soul Destroying", in which he shares the details of the protracted process and decades of delays involved in My Bloody Valentine's recent remasters. But that only hints at the kinds of true crazy behind 2013's "m b v" album, its creation though a relocation, rebuilding the studio, and a meticulously obsessive, perfectionist work ethic detailed in Mike McGonigal's 33 1/3 book on "Loveless". But the coup de grâce has got to be Shields speaking with The Guardian on how the period after the 1991 album was a series of derailing setbacks involving, among other things, the dangers of chinchilla ownership