Gift Guides: Heavy Department

It’s gift-giving season, and we at the record store naturally feel that the gift of music is one of your finest options. But with so much out there, choosing the right record for someone can be daunting, so we’ve come up with some genre-by-genre recommendations from folks that spend far too much time thinking about such things!

Our metal sections has been growing and is always full of treats and treasures for the EXTREME listener. It’s some of our favorite stuff to jam when we can. (Gotta be careful about scaring the children!) 2018 had a lot rad stuff land on our shelves for the metal fan, from the casual dabbler to the tried and true metalhead. We shoehorn some of our favorite hardcore and noise-rock stuff in here too. Check it:

For Newbies

Tips for those just starting their collections or just getting into a new genre. (Click for our reasons)

For Collectors

Options for the fans of the genre that might just already have the most obvious choices on their record shelves already. (Click for our reasons)

For Experts

Some exotic tips for those that are just in too deep. (Click for our reasons)