Charts Recap: December 10th - 16th, 2018

Deep in the heart of gift shopping season we’re really seeing that reflected in our charts. There’s gonna be a lot of Queen hits wrapped in shiny paper this season! Rumours is back in the charts (we understand). A lot of “best-of-2018” records here too. But there’s some other action too!

Dance music rebel Robyn’s new record Honey made it’s vinyl debut and had a strong showing, landing at #4! She’s always been in her own lane of pop music, Pitchfork says “her masterful command of emotions on the dancefloor slowly reveals itself across another enthralling record.” It’s a good time, but still full of feeling. Not a bad gift either.

Also, we’ve got a few big fans of the 4AD label around the shop, so we’re really happy to see the catalog of one of the most quintessential 4AD groups in the labels history come back into print. We’d probably say ALL the This Mortal Coil records are worth picking up, but the debut It’ll End In Tears is great place to start! It’s great to see at #5!

And so far we’ve got CDs only of the new Bruce Springsteen live event On Broadway and it’s up toward the top of the CD charts. It’s Bruce totally solo and live and telling the stories of his stories. It’s up on Netflix too. You should watch it. And you should buy it! (Another EXCELLENT gift too!)

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: