Charts Recap: December 3rd - 9th, 2018

That’s a wrap on another pre-holiday week of record sales, and we’ve got a lot of familiar record-covers in the charts this week. Indie-folk supergroup Boygenius is back on top! Jeff Tweedy reigns in the digital medium. But we’ve covered both these records in this column previously. What else is going on?

Well, Christmas season is in full swing. And we stocked the Sharon Jones Christmas record deep. It is quite simply one of the most recommendable and enjoyable holiday long-players to come out in a long long time. This is seriously good vibes that you’ve got to have a heart of stone to dislike. We miss Sharon!

Further down at number 4 is the dead in Seattle in 74! Maybe you know some old heads that were there. This was an RSD title, now we got more.

Also, the soundtrack for the wonderful My Neighbor Totoro is available on vinyl in the United States for basically the first time! Joe Hisaishi score may well dredge up some feeling, but also plenty of piano led sonic whimsy to go along. Very handsome piece.

Everything in our CD top-ten has been there before, but the Chris Cornell anthology is the biggest riser. Great for remembering one of Seattle’s finest and most recognizable voices. There are some new cuts here, let me leave one here:

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: