Charts Recap: October 29th - November 4th, 2018

This week we’ve got Thom Yorke’s Suspiria score, which we covered here last week, holding strong at number-one in the vinyl charts and the LEGENDARY Dead Can Dance at number-one in the CD field. Dionysus is everything a DCD lover would hope for from a late-career entry into a stunning catalog. It’s ambitious, mystic, conceptual, challenging, and beautiful. We had a little listening event here at the shop. We’re fans.

And at number-two in both charts is the one and only Bob Dylan, with More Blood, More Tracks. His ongoing Bootleg Series is a blessing for the obsessive. How long we’ve read about the fascinatingly odd accounts of the making of Blood On The Tracks, haphazard and tumultuous, and it’s a treat to get the opportunity to lay ears on that process. The whole sessions are here, it’s exhaustive, but a lot of fun.

Other oddities in our charts: Ben Jorge’s 1969 self titled LP, one of the greats of Brazilian music, is back in-print, a lot of Beck and Queen fans came by the shop this week, Northwestern singer-songwriter Laura Gibson has a strong first-week for her new CD, and Julia Holter’s new one is great, lush, and arty and selling pretty well, check out her explanation of the process of the making of Aviary in the embedded video.

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Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: