Charts Recap: November 19th - 25th, 2018

Well, that’s another Black Friday in the books, as you might have guessed from our top-sellers this week. For those not already in the know, every Black Friday sees a fresh slate of RSD approved limited edition records hit our shelves. Most of our vinyl top ten is comprised of some of those highlights; Type O Negative, Phish, an Africa shaped single featuring ‘Africa’ by Toto played by Weezer.

Our number one really nails the spirit of the event and of the season, Sub Pop issued a super grungey Christmas single! NW legends Green River and the U-Men split the record. (Speaking of, no one here can remember when we ever had a 7” as our number one seller!) This was as limited as it was unlikely ever to be released, might be long gone, but here’s a taste:

Charles Bradley’s posthumous Black Velvet is the only “real record” hanging on in the top-ten. (Real, as in “you can still walk in and buy it whenever,” not specially released for the event, you get it.) These are sessions from his last couple years of life, but they are still filled with energy and soul. We were lucky to have so much great music from his unlikely late-life career, and we’re lucky to get a little bit more. Very much worthy of your attention.

And down in the CD charts things are way more stable, all familiar covers just shuffled around. Anderson Paak’s new opus Oxnard races to the front this week. This is the sound of Southern California right now, filled with top-notch features. And CD only for the moment, format snobs!

Vinyl Top-Ten:


CD Top-Ten: