Best of 2018: Kay

The next member of the Sonic Boom staff to reveal their top records of 2018 is Kay. She’s our local-buyer, tape-label curator, DJ host of Revolver Bar’s “Really Good Music Party,” and all-around music-booster. You’ve got to trust Kay on all matters indie-rock. She, very year appropriately, shared her top 18 records.

Kay’s 18 of ‘18 - In no particular order!

Gaz Coombes World’s Strongest Man (Caroline International)

Supergrass’ Gaz Coombes is back with this phenomenal album that I’m still convinced everyone slept on but I’m here to tell you again that you are missing out. The title track is where it’s at.

Parquet Courts Wide Awake! (Rough Trade)

I’ll be honest Parquet Courts lost me for a little bit but they roped me back in with this release, it’s so funky and just what I was waiting for.

Shopping The Official Body (FatCat Records)

One of the best shows I went to this year, everyone was dancing and I really can’t ask for more than that.

Wimps Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars)

Wimps needs no introduction, they are still one of the most solid bands in Seattle with the uncanny knack to get everybody moving. I know I will always have a friend at a Wimps show.

Yo La Tengo Summer Sun (Reissue via Matador)

Listen, I know they came out with a new album this year but this is my favorite YLT. I had to make tough decisions here and I stand by it. This record transports me to another time and place and I don’t even know if I’ve ever been there.

Black Moth Super Rainbow Panic Blooms (Rad Cult)

After a decade of loving this band I finally got to see them live this year and it melted the me.

Jim James Uniform Distortion (ATO)

I was caught off guard at first, unsure of how to feel about this record. But I kept listening, over and over again (see what I did there?) and now I am addicted to it. Honestly I’d even listen to Jim James sing the Wendy’s menu. It doesn’t take much with a voice like that.

Calvin Johnson A Wonderful Beast (K Records)

Did you think I’d leave out a new Calvin record filled with danceable hits? Then you must not know me at all.

Adam’s House Cat Town Burned Down (ATO)

These uncovered pre-Drive-by Truckers recordings are like a cross between Drive-by Truckers and The Replacements. It is so worth your time and money!

Black Belt Eagle Scout Mother of My Children (Saddle Creek)

This is one powerful record that deviates from loud to soft, rockin’ to a piano piece and it is so well done. Also it was recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes, if you needed more reasons to believe in this record.

Jenn Champion Single Rider (Hardly Art)

What a bunch of grooves!! This is my go-to record when cleaning or doing anything around the house, especially if I’m home alone and can turn it up and sing my heart out.

Gouge Away Burnt Sugar (Deathwish)

I heard this record for the first time the day of the Ford and Kavanaugh hearings and it is exactly what I needed to explain the fire raging inside of me that day (and it remains burning even now).

Mommy Long Legs Try Your Best (Youth Riot Records)

RIP Mommy Long Legs! But way to release a record to critical acclaim even though you broke up right before it was released, I think that speaks volumes. Y’all will always be a favorite.

Wild Powwers Skin (Nadine Records)

This is not a local release to ignore. Wild Powwers kicks all kinds of ass and this new record proves it to everyone once again. See them live as soon as humanly possible.

Half Japanese Why Not? (Fire Recordings)

It’s the Fair bros once again and I’m starting to think they can truly do no wrong. Jad Fair could also sing the menu of a fast food restaurant and again, I would listen.

ESG Come Away with ESG (Reissue via Fire Recordings)

WOW! Thank you Fire for reissuing this masterpiece by one of the greatest art-funk pieces of our time! Seriously, if you want to groove pick up this record. It’s so easy to get sucked in to the funky basslines and accessible lyrics.

The Moldy Peaches The Moldy Peaches (Reissue via Matador)

This was probably the highlight of my year. I’ve been dreaming of owning this record for as long as I can remember. In high school someone bought me this on CD and told me that The Moldy Peaches would understood my weird lil mind and they did (and they still do).

Tiny Tim God Bless Tiny Tim (Real Gone Music)

It was so nice of them to reissue God Bless Tiny Tim as if anyone cares but me! Now if I could only get a Kurt Vile album of Tiny Tim covers because I know you all see it too.