What's New: Beats Department

Our column devoted to the beat-makers and rhyme-sayers, as well as producers and dance-floor innovators. Check in for our picks in everything from classic hip-hop to futurist R&B, minimal-techno back through crate-digger beat tapes, cutting edge synth-pop all the way to trap-music.

Matthew Dear Bunny

These days veteran producer Matthew Dear’s sound has been flitting between minimal house music, synth pop, and damaged art-pop. It’s almost as though he’s connected the rhythm and feel of the sophisticated modern dancefloor with sounds and songs reminiscent of the brooding arty 80s.

Mount Kimbie DJ kicks

The DJ Kicks series has made for some extremely rewarding listens, presenting A-list DJ sets that are exhilarating listens, while also giving a great window into an artist’s tastes and influences. This one is no exception. This is a diverse set of tracks that effortlessly flows, full of exotic sound. Of course it features an exclusive tune from the mixers too, give it a listen.

Roc Marciano KAOS

Roc Marciano has been working his own lane in underground hip-hop for a little while now. His vibe is laid back boasts and crime stories over gritty cinematic loops, very New York, very timeless. The new record doesn’t break the mold but has DJ Muggs at the controls, making for consistently top-shelf production throughout.

Action Bronson / Statik Selektah Well Done

Some dismiss Action Bronson as a fat goofy Ghostface ripoff with too many food references, to this criticism i say “What’s wrong with that?” If anything he’s sounded a little reinvigorated lately. This is more of his signature raps, with producer Statik Selektah providing the beats for the entirety of this project, and it’s got a great propulsive energy throughout.