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We buy CD's, LP's, Cassettes, and 7″s.

Sonic Boom Records has been buying/selling used LP's/CD's/7″ since 1997. We can come to you if the collection is big or you are welcome to drop stuff by for a quote. We can usually get through grading and pricing pretty quickly but can always take your number and call when we finish. Sonic Boom will pay fair prices and let you know if there is something really valuable in your collection and what we are paying for it.

Selling your records:

Bring your collection to our store 7 days a week. Our team will go through it and get you a price pretty quickly. We offer 25% more for in-store credit, so if you want to trade for some new releases, we're your place. If you have a larger collection (500+) we can make a house call. Please see below for more information on what we are looking for.

FOR HOUSE CALLS call 206.297.2666 and ask for Greg, or you can email us.

How much can I expect to get?

CD value really depends on condition, retail prices (which have been falling in the last few years) and what our customers are looking for. Generally expect $1-3 for CD's and more for double CD/box sets. CD's need to be in excellent shape with all the artwork. We often pass on titles so please take this into consideration.

LP's depend on condition, pressing and collectability and can vary from $1-7 to upwards of $40 or 50. We'll let you know what collectibles are in the collection and what we are paying. We also understand if you prefer to hold onto certain records. We love our vinyl too. There are a lot of titles that are bargain records and we will sometimes pay .25 - .50 for these.

We don't buy unplayable or moldy records. Please don't be surprised if these go back with you.

We pay cash up to $30 and will write a company check for anything over $30. ID is required for any used transactions (WA law).

What genres/formats are we looking for?

We buy LP's, 45's, 12″ singles, CD's, DVD's, and select cassette and eight track tapes. (No 78's or reel to reels). We're looking for almost everything except easy listening, big band and classical. Our focus is Indie/Alternative, Rock, Psych, Soul, Jazz, Funk, New Wave, Hardcore, Punk, Progressive Rock, Reggae, World, Older Folk/Country, Hip Hop and Experimental.